Friday, August 15, 2014


I’m promoting a LIVE SPECIAL EVENT that’s taking place on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014. Click the link below for DETAILS. To INCREASE AWARENESS for this LIVE EVENT, that only costs $7.00 to attend btw… I’m offering a FREE GIFT to ANY of my Social Media contacts who SHARE this information to their own Social Media contacts, and help me get as many people as possible to REGISTER. Once again, it’s ONLY $7.00 to attend the LIVE EVENT, and whether you decide to register for it yourself, or just refer me to someone who does… the FREE GIFT is YOURS. Speaking of the FREE GIFT… it is a 3 Day/2 Night, 3-Star Hotel Stay, with over 40 different locations to choose from. That’s a $300 VALUE for simply registering yourself for the LIVE EVENT, or referring me to someone who registers and spends $7.00… that’s it! Believe me, I know that this offer seems too good to be true, but this LIVE EVENT is a REALLY BIG DEAL for me and my Business. You can register here:

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